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Mental health is highly recognised as an important issue. There is a growing awareness that seafarers have a higher level of mental ill-health and suicide compared to land-based workers. However, it can be difficult to talk about.



Why is it hard to talk about mental health?

  • People fear being seen as weak or being judged by others
  • Stigma
  • We are scared of what others may think of us
  • Mental health is a taboo subject in some cultures and families
  • We worry about keeping our jobs
  • We may be worried about reporting when joining a vessel
  • This is a male-dominated industry, where people may be less likely to open up their feelings or about medical problems


Why do we need to talk about mental health within shipping?

  • It is unacceptable that so many seafarers feel unsafe or miserable at work
  • The level of suicides within the industry is high and can affect any company at any time. Any suicide is a tragedy
  • Because its the right thing to do. Talking about mental health is a way of demonstrating care
  • Measures to ensure the mental health and wellbeing of our seafarers must meet or exceed the requirements of the Maritime Labour Convention 2006
  • When seafarers feel safe and cared for there are fewer accidents, incidents and adverse events
  • Engaged, mentally well seafarers are more resilient and more productive
  • By promoting a caring and safe environment we increase trust and communication, which in turn encourages better conversations and decision making


This course consists of four modules, which are delivered in a group setting and led by a facilitator.

This course aims to enable seafarers and companies to start having the conversations around mental health and to start building understanding.


Course Overview

There are four modules and they must be done in the following order:

  1. MODULE 1  - We all have a state of mental health
  2. MODULE 2 - Support structure
  3. MODULE 3 - ALL ACT – supporting others
  4. MODULE 4 - Promoting positive mental health and reducing stigma

The modules have been designed to build knowledge and understanding about mental health.

If they are not undertaken in this order, it will be confusing.

Tap on the four corners of the compass image below to access the four modules.