Individual Awareness


You may already be familiar with the idea that we all have different levels of emotional fitness.

Someone with a lot of emotional fitness knows themselves well, they are aware of their strengths, weaknesses and values.  They can manage their moods effectively and are aware of the effect they have on others. 

They are also able to get to know and understand other people, and they have the social skills to interact well and get the best out of other people. 

The Individual Awareness programme consists of two volumes, each with four modules containing information, scenarios and associated tasks.  The programme aims to develop the seafarers’ own skills and awareness. Instructions on how best to undertake the modules can be found under 'Getting Started'.

In volume 1 we focus on the top two boxes of the model below, developing your emotional fitness to know yourself and manage your moods. We consider you both as a seafarer (knowing yourself at work) and you as a person (knowing yourself as an individual). In volume 2 the focus is on the bottom two boxes, developing your emotional fitness to know others and use social skills.